What products do I recommend for summer?

In the previous blog post I recommended some summer bullet journal topics, and now I’d like to bring to your attention some of my products that can make your summers easier or more enjoyable.

Cottagecore Sticker Sheet

I really like this sticker sheet, it has a real romantic spring-summer feel with its flowers, pastel pink and yellowish tones. I highly recommend it for this time of year especially if you are looking for a cottagecore, a bit light academy style.

Cottagecore sticker sheet

Boho Rainbows Sticker Sheet

No summer without a rainbow. And the colours of this product match the mood of spring and summer wonderfully.

Essentials Basic shapes and Notes Sticker Sheet

When I was creating these products, I had in mind to create a lot of shades that would match the month. That’s why I named the shades after the months. For summer, feel free to check out all the shades with the names of the summer months and the spring months, wonderful shades of beige, peach, pink and yellowish.

Happy Camper Sticker Sheet, Into the Forest Sticker Sheet, Into the Wild Sticker Sheet:

These next three products are so summery for me, inspired by camping. These sticker sheets were some of the first ones I ever drew, but they’ve been a favourite ever since. When I look at them or use them, the colours and the characters immediately bring that cloudless feeling that you can only get when you’re camping in the summer, under the stars, around the fire, out in nature.

Mollesques Print

I love Vintage Botanical Posters so I decided to make more. So far you can find three in my shop, but for summer, I don’t think I need to explain why, I recommend the shell one, which will brighten up any room or space with the smallest size (A5) and the largest (A3) will catch and hold all eyes.

Mollesques print

Mollusques Sticker Sheet

And if I’ve already recommended the poster with seashells, I recommend the sticker sheet with seashells from the poster, which you can use to create a guaranteed seaside atmosphere in your diary.

Mollusques sticker sheet

Wedding Sticker Sheet

If it’s summer then it’s wedding season. I created these sticker sheets when planning my own wedding, thinking about the most important things to keep in mind and how the stickers can help you in this process. If you’re involved in the planning or one of your friend ot family member is involved, I highly recommend them.

Water Tracker Sticker Sheet

Drinking enough water is always important, but during the hot summer months we need to pay extra attention to our water intake. If you like to keep it organised in your bullet journal, diary, this handy little sticker sheet will be one of your favourites.

Water tracker sticker sheet

Have a happy summer season!


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