Essential Marking Washi and Notes Stickers


Essential sticker sheet is perfect for Bullet Journals, Planners and Scrapbooks of all sizes!

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- Each sticker sheet measures 18x 12cm (7" x 4.72").
- Each sticker sheet contains 9 stickers.
- Each sticker measures approximately 5-7 cm wide.
- Stickers are printed via an inkjet printer on matte adhesive paper and "kiss cut" with a cutting machine.

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- Colours may vary on each computer screen.
- The colours of the stickers are more accurate in the close-up of the stickers. Please check the example image above.
- Please read the specifications for paper dimensions, number of stickers per sheet, paper weight, etc.
- Accessories in the photo are not included.
- All rights reserved.

☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟☾ ↟

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